All prize money for the 2018 world Cup Mbappe decided to give to charity

French rising star Kilian Mbappe decided to give all premium receivables for the title of world champion football for charity. In particular, he offered free physical training for sick and disabled children in the rehabilitation center Premiers de Corde. Nineteen-year-old PSG player reiterated his desire during the championship celebration of the French team in Paris.

“To play for our country – the honor, we don’t need to be a financial interest,” said Kilian Mbappe who makes 18 million euros a year in Paris.

“Kilian is a great personality despite his young age. When time allows, he comes to us and plays with children. He always has encouraging words for them, and I feel his joy in these meetings even more than the kids,” said Sebastian Ruffin, Director General of the Premiers de Corde.

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