The worst of the worst: the team of the losers of the 2018 world Cup

About the winners of the world Cup and said a lot much. But those who are particularly disappointed, remained in the shadows. But they also need our attention, believes edition Squawka, and offers the symbolic team of the main losers of the tournament.

Goalkeeper – David De GEA (Spain)

De GEA had a great season, “Manchester United”, but for some reason failed to turn that into a confident game at the world Cup. He looked uncertain in the Spanish national team, was afraid of shots (and stupid missed one of them from Cristiano Ronaldo). In comparison with Igor Akinfeev in shootout 1/8 finale he looked doomed…

Key figure: David De GEA missed 6 goals in 4 world Cup matches, while the target gate it was caused just 7 hits. That is, he was able to make only 1 save…

Right-back – Fagner (Brazil)

Poor Fagner. Thrown into the breach after injuries to Dani Alves, he tried to do everything to ensure the normal operation of his flank. But it did not work. Normally to protect the flank or to support the attack as she deserved…

Key figure: Brazil lost in the quarterfinals, none of the part of the Selecao haven’t committed so many fouls, how many of Fagner – 3.

Centre-back – Jerome Boateng (Germany)

From the very beginning it was clear that Boateng is in bad shape and not physically prepared. And this Boateng he didn’t look. His game against Mexico was shocking. His performance against the Swedes was terrible and was marked by the removal. In the end, he missed the decisive match against Korea. Maybe for the best.

A key figure in the match Germany-Sweden Boateng failed to make a single selection or interception. No!

Centre-back – mats Hummels (Germany)

The most outwardly nice defender in world football looked pitiful in clash with any opponent, against whom he played. He uselessly around bright-eyed Mexicans. Then missed the match against Sweden and returned to fight with the Koreans, to demonstrate yet another “bottom”. In the last match, Hummels was not just bad, but still absurdly wasteful, profukali almost all German chances.

Key figure: Hummels missed 3 clear chances to score a goal. More in all of Germany nobody had. The whole of Germany, taken together, had 5…

Left-back – Kim Min Woo (Korea)

Most left-backs at the world Cup was neither particularly good, nor too bad. Kim Min Woo among them stood out – and, alas, for the worse. It was his reckless attempt of winning the ball back from Swedish opponent led to a penalty and the defeat of his team, that successfully knocked Korea out of the hand.

Key figure: Kim was absolutely horrible percentage of fumbles – 16.4 90 minutes. None of my teammates to him and closer in this indicator could not.

Defensive midfielder – Javier Mascherano (Argentina)

World Cup 2014 Javier Mascherano was one of the best. But 4 years in football is a long time. And here we have what we have: Javier Mascherano is among the worst in the world Cup 2018. He was completely ineffective, although is constantly listed among the starting 11 players.

Key figure: Javier Mascherano committed a foul 3.75 average per match. None of the players of the tournament, held at the field at least 180 minutes, is not more than the index.

Defensive midfielder Carlos Sanchez (Colombia)

Colombia spent only one truly great match on the world Cup and it was a match, in which participated Carlos Sanchez. He was awful in all three games when the coach had him in the starting lineup. His fault in the gate of Colombia was assigned 2 penalty. And he managed to make 3 minutes of starting the game.

Key figure: deletion of Carlos Sanchez in the game with Japan has become the second in the list of the fastest removals in the history of the world Championships.

Attacking midfielder – David Silva (Spain)

David Silva always shows excellent football in the qualifying campaigns (and this time it was the same) – but rarely maintains that level in the final stages of the world Championships. At first it seemed that he decided to change this habit. But no – then everything went as usual. The contribution of the Silva team was a complete disorder…

Key figure: David Silva struck a shot 10 strokes – and past. In this case, he was out of competition in the Spanish national team.

Attacking midfielder – Maximiliano Mesa (Argentina)

Meaningless and conventional style Kneading action can be forgiven, when he was still a teenager – for the sake of his other inclinations. But he is already 26 years old! He was useless with the ball at his feet. But his greatest failure was the inability to do the obvious and simple pass into the penalty area on Leo Messi, who still had a few seconds to level the score in the match with France.

Key figure: none of the Argentines have not made more unsuccessful touches of the ball (9) than the Mesa.

Striker – Thomas Muller (Germany)

For this world Cup Thomas Muller came up with the obvious intention to take a step towards being top scorer in the history of world Championships. Had scored 10 goals (5 in the previous two tournaments), and he’s only 6 behind the current record holder, his compatriot Miroslav Klose. By the end of the stay of Germany in Russia he remained 10… He has failed to do here, at least passes.

Key figure: Muller failed to score a goal or make an assist, his first practice at world Championships.

Striker – Robert Lewandowski (Poland)

Of course, Poland is not the best team. But Lewandowski – scorer of this class that could put rivals on goal at least one well-aimed blow of despair. In qualifying he set a record of performance. In Russia, he could do absolutely nothing. Full games impotence.

Key figure: despite the fact that the share of Lewandowski accounted for 29% of all attacks Poland in this world Cup (9 strikes), he could not never to send the ball into the net. Lewandowski was not directly involved in any of the goals of Poland in Russia.

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