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Park "Zaryadye" the date of the opening of the autumn 2017. Get acquainted with the Russian guests of the 2018 World Cup offered in this place with nature with meadows, ponds, a zone of mixed

Park Zaryadye the date of the opening of autumn 2017.

Get acquainted with the Russian guests of the 2018 World Cup offered in this place with nature with meadows, ponds, a zone of mixed and coniferous forests, ice cave. This 4 Russian landscape zones: steppe, taiga, forests and swamps.

Meadows with two ponds will be closer to the Moscow River. Slightly above – mixed wood mainly from hardwood trees: birch, maple, oak, aspen, cherry, apple. Deciduous trees mixed with conifers: pine, spruce. And even higher on the hill more coniferous and deciduous less. However, a clear division of natural areas will not be, the transition should happen naturally. And then you can get to the “Ice Cave” or “Media Center”, which will house the attraction “Flying over Russia.”

For eight minutes, guests of the park fly over Russia, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, staying in his chair, and around the effects of the ambient atmosphere will be created: light wind, humidity, odours, sounds of nature.

“Ice Cave” – a room with an area of 200 square meters, where the temperature is minus two degrees will be maintained year-round. Inside will be the author’s installation – an ice maze through which you can walk. In another room will create florarium, exhibition greenhouse. In the same pavilion will house “reserved embassy” – an educational room for lectures and classrooms.

The underground museum will show a fragment of the Kitai-Gorod wall. There will conduct interactive games dedicated to medieval Moscow. Visitors will learn about the life, means of transportation, clothing and culture of the inhabitants of that time.

The exhibition features archaeological remains found during construction charges. In addition, the museum will establish interactive screens, including “History of charge” and “Kitaygorodskaya fortress – a monument of fortification art of the XVI century.”

In addition, work will screen “Fortress”, where you can build a fortress, arrange the soldiers and shoot a gun. Also, visitors will be able to on the interactive screen to find the treasure in the “charge”, wear historical character. Separately, talk about the history of China, the city and life in it.

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Park “Zaryadye” in the centre of Moscow was opened for the free visit. You can get free of charge for multimedia attractions, in the scientific-cognitive centre and underground greenhouse.

A new observation deck opened in the park with a view of the historic centre of the city – the so-called floating bridge. And in the transition to the embankment, a unique museum of archaeological finds was opened.

In the northern part of the park, there is an ice cave – installation with a labyrinth, arches and columns, the surface of which is covered with ice. In the daytime, the temperature does not fall below minus two degrees, and in the evening – below minus five.

The entrance to the “Charge” will be free, only amusement rides will be paid.

The park is open from 10:00 to 22:00, but you can enter the territory until 21:00. After that, the doors are open only to the exit. Pavilions are open until 20:00.

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