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Levoberezhnaya St.


The football field is 105×68 m, a universal sports hall for 3 thousand people for the competitions in volleyball, basketball and mini-football.

The total capacity of the stadium “Rostov Arena” 45 thousand spectators.

The stadium was designed using advanced technologies of Russian and foreign experience in designing stadiums, as well as taking into account the requirements of “green standards” of construction, based on the principles of ergonomics, ecology and saving natural resources.

Rostov Arena will be located on a plot of 37.68 hectares in the left bank of the city of Rostov-on-Don.

Technical and economic characteristics:

Capacity (FIFA mode) – 45335 seats
Capacity (“Heritage” mode) – 40887 places
Land area – 39.18 hectares
The building area is 109186.9 square meters.
The building area (including a universal sports hall) is 113786.9 square meters. The area of ​​the stadium is 98,554 square meters.
The total area is 141063.7 square meters.
The total area (including a universal sports hall) is 151263.7 square meters.
The total area of ​​the stadium is 137477 square meters.
The total construction volume is 636210.8 cub. m
The total construction volume (including a universal sports hall) is 786062.8 cubic meters.

How to get to the stadium “Rostov Arena”

By public transport to the stop. The city beach or (b / o Dinamo) bus 39 runs every hour (route Recreation bases – Main bus station) or bus 516 arrives every 9 min. From the stop to the stadium Rostov Arena on foot 400m.

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